"The body believes every word you say and think."

Patricia Kramer
Nicholas L'Heureux

           Born in Redwood City CA I grew up with an immense love of nature. Splashing in rivers and playing in the dirt inspired endless joy and wonder for me. I believe it was those experiences that sparked my love for body, mind, and spirit connection.

           I studied massage at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. The school was everything I was looking for and provided a holistic approach to healing that went far beyond the classroom. The World School taught me tools of body work such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, CranioSacral, Structural Foot Balancing, and Vibration Healing Massage Therapy. I have combined these techniques with my background in music and art to create personalized sessions that listen to each individuals’ body and mind to discover the root of their needs. With empathy, love, and compassion, I am happy to co-create an environment in which I may help facilitate the reconnection that people need, to their natural self.

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Every session is personalized for you. Working with your schedule is offered 60min, 90min and 120min.
Recommended is at least 90min which is why there is a price incentive the longer the session.
Special requests can be sent at the bottom of the page at "Contact/Locations"





Injury Rehab

Deep Tissue


Carpal Tunnel


Structural Foot Balancing

TMJ Relief


  •   After trying several different massage places, Nicholas is my go to! He is so great at getting to the bottom of what areas of my body need attention, sometimes he finds things I didn't even notice at first! Very kind and generous, he pays attention to you and your needs. By far worth every penny and then some! My massage with Nicholas is the best hour of my week!

    thumb Vic G.

      Nicolas at Reconnect Body Therapy is the best body work specialist I've ever been to. His extensive knowledge of the body and passion for spiritual connection is truly inspiring! I've had chronic pain in my right shoulder blade for years. After a few sessions with Nicolas, he didn't just physically open up my shoulder blade with massage, but he helped me gain a mindful awareness of my daily routines that attributed to the chronic pain. The pain still comes back every now and then, but because of what Nicolas taught me, I'm better equipped to understand the signals my body is sending me. If that wasn't enough, Nicolas is also a phenomenal human being. You're in good hands here!

    thumb Grant K.
  •   Nicholas is hands down one of the best massage therapists out there! He is so communicative and really gets to the bottom of ANY discomfort you may be experiencing. He has made me feel so safe and heard when I've expressed concern about the herniated disk in my back. He has incredible in depth knowledge of injuries and has brought me so much relief from my chronic back pain. This is your go to guy, TRUST ME!

    thumb Marcella D.

      Receiving a massage from Rue is one of the biggest highlights of my life! His deep intuitive understanding of my body enables him to find the energy that does not belong and gently guide it out so that at the end of our session, I feel completely free. It's as if I return to myself in the organic true state I belong in. I have received a lot of massage from many others, often with great benefits, but none has had such a profound effect on me. He's my favorite massage therapist and I feel so fortunate our paths crossed. He is now a good friend and his content of character makes me respect him even more.

    thumb Maria Y.
  •   Nicholas is the best massage therapist I've ever been to (and I've been to quite a few).  I have had recurring knots in my neck, shoulders and back for 10 years.  When leaving a session w/ Nicholas, the knots are gone and I feel completely relaxed.  In addition to the immediate effects of the massage, Nicholas has worked w/ me to prevent them from happening in the future (bad posture, body awareness, etc. etc.).  Unlike other massages, where the therapist follows a movement pattern based on time allocated, every massage session is different, tailored to what's going on in my body that day.  It's clear from my discussions with Nicholas that he knows which muscles get impacted by others, helping get the knots out properly (without pain) and make recommendations regarding how to prevent injuries and issues in the future.   Nicholas is very attentive and you can tell that he enjoys helping people through his work vs. a "your appt is at Xpm, you have 55 minutes, here is some water" which I experienced at very expensive spas.  After going to Nicholas, my husband, neighbor and sister go to him regularly.  He's really the best.  Highly recommend.

    thumb Maria L.

      Nicholas is my go-to massage therapist! I am a dancer and often have small injuries or imbalances in my body. He really listens to my concerns, and is so intuitive with his pressure and technique. I always walk out feeling so much better. I feel like he offers more than just a massage....he offers a holistic approach to this therapy, utilizing breath, giving great cues, and offering recommendations for self care. I am quite picky about my practitioners, as the wrong type of massage can do more harm than good in my body, but I trust Nicholas fully. He is amazing!

    thumb Jen M.
  •   I would trust Rue with just about anything since I can trust him to listen to my body and hear what it needs (or however he experiences it!). Sometimes it's like a psychedelic experience. The last session I had I felt like a salamander and experienced the weightlessness of outer space. This time I had really inspirational thoughts and worked through some tough life issues.
    Every time I can count on Rue to be all ears to genuinely listen and give a relaxing, deeply transitional session where I come out stressless and feeling great! He provides such a comfortable presence and does thorough and meaningful work that I would recommend to anybody.

    thumb Ben F.

      Nicholas is hands down the most natural and intuitive massage therapist I have had the pleasure of working with. He has helped me greatly in posture related pain in my shoulders (from work and childhood posture patterns) and has done wonders in helping me better understand my emotional wellbeing through my physical state.

    I have broken my lower back twice and am a workaholic, I didn't believe in massage until seeing him!

    thumb Eva E.
  •   Nicholas is my "go to" massage therapist whenever I'm having a problem in a specific area.  He always asks me how I'm doing when I arrive for a session.  He listens and is very attentive to my needs and when he is done I always feel very relaxed and rejuvenated.  In addition, he advises me on supplemental exercises or stretches that I can do the help out with any problems that I may be experiencing.  I highly recommend him.

    thumb Victor P.

      I have been getting massages from Nicholas for the past year and a half and he is awesome! He always starts the massage with a moment of gratitude and appreciation, which I love. He also tailors the massage and experience to your preferences and needs, and it is always wonderful. I highly recommend his practice!

    thumb Tess D.
  •   Nicholas is very intuitive and knows exactly where the tight spots are. I prefer deep pressure and he can really get it! I've recommended him to picky friends as he is professional, consistent and a true healing soul. He's well versed in many massage techniques.

    thumb s r.

      Nicholas is an exceptionally skillful therapist with a variety of techniques and an intuitive whole body approach to healing. With deep knowledge of how the body and mind are connected, he observes and listens to what one verbally says as well as what one's body says. I have a high level of comfort and trust in his ability. He genuinely cares about his patients, offering advice on how to alleviate issues, both physical and mental, that can manifest in the body. It's wonderful to see a practitioner who knows my body so well.

    thumb Laura D.
  •   I get biweekly massages for several years now and of all the many massage therapists I have been to, Nicolas is one of the best.  

    I'm sure he can provide an amazingly relaxing session but I need someone who is very strong to do a high pressure deep tissue massage. My poor body builds a lot of tension from my daily running, biking, handstands, chaturangas, driving in San Francisco, etc.  Nicolas is my default deep tissue massage therapist and the best of the some 40 I have tried in my years.

    He is very knowledgeable and mindful about asking what your body needs that day, as well as checking during the massage.  Each massage is different and always attentive. I also appreciate his focus and expertise in breath-work which is such an amazing tool and support in getting rid of muscle (and life) tension.

    thumb April K.

      Nicholas is simply amazing! I've been getting a massage twice a year before I had one with him and now I'm getting one every month! He's very attentive to what he needs to focus on each time. The pressure he applies is on point and I always leave feeling super zen and relaxed. I've never had a better massage in my life!

    thumb Kate C.


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