"The body believes every word you say and think."

Patricia Kramer


Aaron Moss

I want to find lasting solutions to your physical problems so you can get back to being in your joy!

After being in the hospital system for a while and earning my certificate as an EMT, I realized that I wanted to be of service in a different capacity. I switched to massage therapy because I believe how we move significantly impacts the health of every other system in the body. Massage is critical for one’s health and well-being, and as your massage therapist, I will play my role in your healthcare to make sure your needs are addressed and cared for.

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Jenniffer Garfield

My purpose is to help others achieve a sense of relief from the daily stresses of life.

I graduated from the National Holistic Institute with the title of Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Health Educator. My hands-on skills and textbook knowledge have allowed me to work proficiently in areas of alternative health such as chiropractic, where the fruits of my labor truly shine. My work has often been described as "intuitive" and is a combination of Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue techniques, with occasional incorporation of Cupping and topical healing oils.

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Chiman Luk

My goal is to help others heal and release the root cause of our stress and pain.

Having been in the banking industry for over a decade, I understand there is nothing more important than our health, physical and emotional.  I feel the most important aspect regardless of any circumstances, is know the cause of pain and discover what we can learn from it.  The next step is letting go to avoid accumulating muscle tension. Of course this is difficult and if you can't do that alone, I offer my specialties in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports massage to assist you in your journey.

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Meredith Simon

I enjoy Helping clients transform their bodies into better places with a detailed, thorough, and gracefully intense neuromuscular bodywork style.

With 14 years of experience as a Certified Massage therapist, Meredith (they/ them, she/her) offers highly focused, customized Therapeutic bodywork that incorporates a blend of detailed neuromuscular trigger point therapy, relaxing firm Swedish, and well-paced deep tissue at whatever pressure YOUR body/ mind are ready for, while also getting in as much effective pain relief as possible.

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Prices start at $160 for 60min, $200 for 90min, and $250 for 120min

We recommend the 90min massage!






Injury Rehab

Deep Tissue


Carpal Tunnel


Structural Foot Balancing

TMJ Relief



  •   Nicholas is such an amazing massage therapist! I can't say enough good things about him. He is both professional and friendly, and is very intentional and focused on making sure you get your needs met. He is extremely communicative and targeted with his work. He truly embodies the healer we all look for.
    I have a pretty complicated set of chronic pains ranging from scoliosis to a number of past traumatic injuries to my ankles and back and he was so attentive to make sure those were addressed. He meets your desired pressure levels perfectly and checks in often. My range of movement was significantly improved and after getting off the table, I was able to experience the potential my body could feel without pain all of the time. So much gratitude!

    P.S. COVID protocols were taken and I felt super safe the whole time!

    thumb Celine B.

      Nicholas is a wonderful massage therapist. He listened intently as I explained my health background when I arrived. Overall, he was very communicative during the massage which I appreciated. Before the massage, I had horrible pain in my neck and shoulders, but I left feeling significantly better! As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I am grateful to have found him. Highly recommend!

    thumb Claire L.
  •   Nick is the best, Its the best massage I ever had in my life. I highly recommended him.

    No words can described how you make me happy and make me feel good after the massage. Thank you.

    thumb Aiza R.

      I have had a lot of massages in my life and have become very picky. Nicholas is definitely one of the best massage therapists I have seen. His extensive knowledge of the body combined with his intuitive nature makes for a deeply healing massage. I highly recommend him!!

    thumb Natalie T.
  •   I have been all over San Francisco looking for a massage where I could finally feel comfortable. COVID precautions are definitely taken! Nicholas sat with me for the first 20-30min, he was legitimately interested in what I was feeling, what he could do, he created a connection. He was patient and considerate with pressure, he would check in often, with how I was feeling and if he needed to adjust. He helped guide my breathing more than any other masseuse ever has! He even cracked a few jokes with me which made me relax even more! At the end of the appointment, he sat with me and offered some advice, and yoga poses that would really benefit my body, who does that??? Overall, I recommend this to anyone, it was the best massage I've ever had and can't wait to go back!

    thumb Marcella F.

      Nick is an exceptional therapist. Great for athletic-types like me. There's no question that you'll come out better than the way you went in.

    thumb Jonathan B.
  •   Nicholas is an Excellent massage therapist. I've gone to many alternative treatments. From chiropractor, Thai massage, sports medicine, physical therapy, and acupuncturist. Short of Rolfing. He has def gotten my neck and back pain to feel better after one session. I'm looking forward to going more and recommending my friends and family to go as well

    thumb Jane S.

      After trying several different massage places, Nicholas is my go to! He is so great at getting to the bottom of what areas of my body need attention, sometimes he finds things I didn't even notice at first! Very kind and generous, he pays attention to you and your needs. By far worth every penny and then some! My massage with Nicholas is the best hour of my week!

    thumb Vic G.
  •   Nicolas at Reconnect Body Therapy is the best body work specialist I've ever been to. His extensive knowledge of the body and passion for spiritual connection is truly inspiring! I've had chronic pain in my right shoulder blade for years. After a few sessions with Nicolas, he didn't just physically open up my shoulder blade with massage, but he helped me gain a mindful awareness of my daily routines that attributed to the chronic pain. The pain still comes back every now and then, but because of what Nicolas taught me, I'm better equipped to understand the signals my body is sending me. If that wasn't enough, Nicolas is also a phenomenal human being. You're in good hands here!

    thumb Grant K.

      Nicholas is hands down one of the best massage therapists out there! He is so communicative and really gets to the bottom of ANY discomfort you may be experiencing. He has made me feel so safe and heard when I've expressed concern about the herniated disk in my back. He has incredible in depth knowledge of injuries and has brought me so much relief from my chronic back pain. This is your go to guy, TRUST ME!

    thumb Marcella D.
  •   Nicholas is simply amazing! I've been getting a massage twice a year before I had one with him and now I'm getting one every month! He's very attentive to what he needs to focus on each time. The pressure he applies is on point and I always leave feeling super zen and relaxed. I've never had a better massage in my life!

    thumb Kate C.

      I have been working with Nicholas for about a year now. He is great professional and helped me a lot. I have issues with back due to often flights and Nicholas massage helps me a lot to relax my back and neck.
    I highly recommend Nicholas as one if the best masseur.

    thumb Irina S.
  •   Have been working with Nicholas for about 9 months and it has been going great. Fixed multiple flexibility issues and continuing to improve over the past several months.

    Personally have a busy schedule but he's always able to find a good time to get the work done!

    thumb Mitchell S.

      Have been seeing Nick biweekly / monthly for a relaxation and post-workout massage.

    He has a natural talent for firmly (yet not painfully) relieving knots, tensions, and aches. Helps me recover faster from my workouts.

    I particularly like Nick's focus and ability to provide a calming massage too, while getting my body what it needs. Too often, I've been to other massages that are calming but not effective (or the reverse). Nick captures both, and I feel zen for the rest of the day / next morning.

    Definitely top 10% of masseurs I've seen

    thumb S S.



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