Aaron Moss

After getting my BA in Psychology, I worked as an indoor skydiving instructor teaching people how to fly in the wind.  I enjoyed being a tunnel instructor because it taught me how to teach people how to move their bodies (it’s fun watching people absorb the information in different ways).  During that time, I went back to school to learned about the biological and physiological mechanisms of how the body works through prerequisites for Physician’s Assistant.

After being in the hospital system for a while and earning my certificate as an EMT, I realized that I wanted to be of service in a different capacity.  I switched to massage therapy because I believe how we move significantly impacts the health of every other system in the body.  Massage is critical for one’s health and well-being, and as your massage therapist I will play my role in your healthcare to make sure your needs are addressed and cared for.

Jenniffer Garfield

I graduated from the National Holistic Institute with the title of Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Health Educator. My hands-on skills and textbook knowledge have allowed me to work proficiently in areas of alternative health such as chiropractic, where the fruits of my labor truly shine. My work has often been described as “intuitive” and is a combination of Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue techniques, with occasional incorporation of Cupping and topical healing oils. While my career as a Massage Therapist was unplanned, I have found working as one and witnessing the benefits my clients experience have been incredibly gratifying. This is the fuel to my fire and makes it so that my work doesn’t feel like work. My purpose is to help others achieve a sense of relief and release from the daily stresses of life.



Chiman Luk

Previously an investment banker, I often questioned what is the meaning of life.  What was the point of what I was doing for living?  Who was I really helping?  Something just did not feel right.  When an opportunity came, I got out of the banking business, and eventually choose to become a massage therapist as I believe it is more fulfilling to help ease the pain of others than to make the riches richer.  After graduating from Swedish Institute in Manhattan in December 2006, I proceeded to attain my New York State license in February 2007.  I moved to East Bay as instructed by my destiny at the end of the following month. 

Through out the last two decades, I learned that there are far, far more to this third dimension that we call reality than how we have perceived it.  I have come to realize a few important things in life: 1) Money is not everything, 2) Positive attitude always prevails, 3) Everything happen for reasons, 4) Regardless of what happens, it’s, “What have I learned from this?” that matters.  I believe we are all here to experience and to learn various lessons.  The ultimate goal, I feel, is to achieve the “Unconditional Love”.  To do so, we must first be able to “Let Go”, as many aspects of life tend to hold us back.  However, in order to be able to let go, we must learn to “Forgive”, not just what troubled us, but more importantly, forgive ourselves that

we have been holding on for so long.  The question of, “What have I learned from this?” intertwines, as history
bounds to repeat if we did not learned anything, so “Try to do it right the first time by doing our best.

I do not claim to be a wise old man (still young at heart), though my belief in the reincarnation theory had helped me better understand what partial of our lives is about, thus allows me to step back far enough to see a much bigger picture, that is: “This life is just a tiny field trip throughout a long journey of our soul in various forms across the multi-universe.”  

As for this field trip of ours, I offer whatever I can to create a pleasant serenity in your next session for your body, and perhaps gently enlighten you mind to enhance your life experience just a tiny bit!  Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage are on my offer list.  Always be positive, because everything happen for reasons. My warmest wishes to you throughout your field trip.  

Meredith Simon

With 14 years of experience as a Certified Massage therapist (CAMTC #1386), Meredith (they/ them, she/her) offers highly focused, customized Therapeutic bodywork that incorporates a blend of detailed neuromuscular trigger point therapy, relaxing firm Swedish, and well-paced deep tissue at whatever pressure YOUR body/ mind are ready for, while also getting in as much effective pain relief as possible. Meredith prioritizes hearing their clients as clearly as possible and customizing the session per clients’ distinct requests with a detailed, clinical yet nurturing & intuitive technique. Your stress and pain levels will dissolve, and your serotonin will elevate. Meredith believes effective therapy & pain relief massage can (and should!) also be bliss-inducing.

In their personal life, Meredith enjoys writing, introspection, listening to humans’ personal stories and getting a sense of the overall narratives behind those stories, the sciences – esp psychology, sociology, biology, animal behavior, & neurology. They’re from New York State, and they’ve lived in the Bay Area since 2008. Meredith enjoys being a wellspring of information and sharing knowledge like super cool treasure, a healthy spirituality (but not spiritually bypassing), validating people when they need to be heard, marveling at Nature & the Universe and how we are inescapably connected to IT ALL.

Meredith enjoys making their massage therapy clients’ bodies into Better Places with a detailed, thorough, and gracefully intense neuromuscular bodywork style. Meredith is also a mental health advocate and they hope to get into psychiatric nursing and become a mental health therapist in expressive arts therapy (voice, singing, narrative/ poetry writing) for folks with complex Post traumatic stress, one day. Booking with Meredith will find you in meticulously caring and confident hands.

Nicholas L’Heureux

Born in Redwood City CA I grew up with an immense love of nature. Splashing in rivers and playing in the dirt inspired endless joy and wonder for me. I believe it was those experiences that sparked my love for body, mind, and spirit connection.

While exploring my passion for art in college I began to realize that while I was gaining technique in creative expression, I was lacking depth and connection in my physical and emotional life. I would spend long hours drawing and composing, often in my head, rarely heeding my body’s needs. From the food I ate to the exercise I practiced, the cigarettes I smoked, the insomnia I nurtured, I was shut off and disconnected.

I knew I was looking for change and just needed a little guidance. I took my first Tai Chi class and was introduced to slow, thoughtful movement, using breath as our guide. Learning how to ground into my legs and spine, I felt my body come alive. Inspired once more, I’d found a calling and purpose that felt true to the way I wanted to live. It was the beginning of my transition from cerebral dwelling to simply being present in my body. I left college and traveled up and down the west coast from Washington to California talking to and living with the homeless and mentally ill on the streets. I learned a great deal from their stories and my superficial experience of their world. It was painful, discouraging, and often extremely challenging. I felt myself and lack-there-of in an entirely new way, down to the bone, I was learning from this world.

More fortunate than those I met on the road I had a family to return to. I moved back home, got a job and found the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. The school was everything I was looking for and provided a holistic approach to healing that went far beyond the classroom. The World School taught me many tools of body work such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, CranioSacral, Structural Foot Balancing, and Vibration Healing Massage Therapy. I have combined these techniques with my background in music and art to create personalized sessions that listen to each individuals’ body and mind to discover the root of their needs. With empathy, love, and compassion, I am happy to co-create an environment in which I may help facilitate the reconnection that people need, to their natural self.